What is a high-performance home?

The first day when humans felt the need to have a house and thought of building it, his goal was to protect himself from wild animals and natural disasters.

Over time, the quality of the construction of houses improved, and the house became a safe place where people could relax.

As life becomes more modern and the use of modern technologies, houses should also become more modern and respond to the needs of people.

This path has continued until today, and people and houses moved towards modernization in the same direction.

In recent years, humans have taken measures to expand industries and for more comfort, which have had terrible results for our environment, and the environment has suffered very serious damages.

One of the ways we can prevent these damages is to make houses more modern. Homes contribute more than 70% to carbon dioxide emissions and are the most significant cause of global warming. Global warming is an alarm for the whole world, and The problem is not one or more countries.

Life all over the world is in danger due to global warming, and we must all unite to prevent and reduce it.

According to their construction method, high-performance houses are net zero or near net zero and are entirely environmentally friendly.

In addition to that, high-performance houses provide you with comfort and health inside the house using the latest technologies and air conditioning systems.

If we want to compare houses with cars, first cars were only for moving people fast, and now they are faster than ever.

In addition, they provide you with all the things you need for comfort and health while driving and traveling.

In today’s world, high-performance houses can play the role of a superluxury car that provides you with everything you want from home and even more.

The only difference between luxury and modern cars and high-performance houses is that if you get into a modern car, only you can use its benefits. But high-performance houses are not only useful for the whole world and have many benefits for future generations and can keep the earth livable for them and conserve energy resources for them.

High-performance houses are designed in such a way that they are net zero or near net zero, and the carbon footprint resulting from their fossil fuel consumption is close to zero.

This is a full-scale war with global warming, and if even 20% of the houses in the world are built as net zero, global warming will no longer be a difficult issue and will be contained.

Some high-performance houses use solar panels to create the energy they need and store them so that they can use this energy during the night.

This energy storage is more than the required amount of energy, and if we cannot use sunlight for energy production even for a few days, this amount of energy storage is sufficient for use.

Different aspects of designing a high-performance house

Now let’s talk about different aspects of a high-performance building:

1 Energy saving

A high-performance home should have an advanced cooling and heating system that fits the home’s dimensions. Using an advanced system can reduce energy consumption to a great extent, and reducing energy consumption will reduce your bills and save you money.

Also, with this work, we can help fight global warming and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to a great extent.

2 insulation systems

The energy consumption of residential buildings is about 30% of the total energy consumption in the whole world. With the help of advanced heating and cooling systems with proper insulation, energy waste can be avoided.

 With this, energy consumption is greatly reduced, and you can experience living in the thermal comfort range even on the coldest and hottest days of the year. A heating and cooling system with high efficiency and precise insulation of the building is like a long-term investment for us.

Your bills will be significantly reduced, and you will also be an influential person for future generations and environmental protection.

3 Air quality and health

The air inside the house, especially inside the children’s room, must be completely healthy because children are weaker than adults and are more at risk.

Also, scientists have proven that clean and quality air can also affect children’s growth. The quality of food, weather, and air directly affects our health, and the poor quality of any of them can make us sick.

By installing a high-performance air conditioning system, you can prevent poisons and pollutants from entering the house and be safe from them. By breathing healthy air, you can stay healthier and feel better.

4 Stability and resistance of the building

Building maintenance should not be a laborious and costly task, and materials that are durable and not difficult to maintain should be used in the construction of the building.

The durable products have more costs at the beginning, but they will keep you away from massive renovation and repair costs, and you can use them for many years.

Traditional and old conventional products are short-lived and should be replaced by new and more durable products.

5 Using the latest digital technologies

Smart systems such as integrated electrical systems that can easily be used with a mobile phone should be used in high-performance homes.

This will save energy, and you can feel better and make life easier for you. These systems can also interact with your security systems, and even when you are not in the home, You can simply check the conditions of the house and be aware of it.


6 life cycle of the building

A high-performance building must pay full attention to the environment, and this full attention is not just about saving energy.

The life cycle of the building should be in such a way that all points and environmental effects are taken into account, and enough attention has been paid to all of them.

These effects can be related to the construction stage or the building operation stage; one should be careful in choosing the material used and use a material that has very little environmental effects and does not harm the environment.

 This review does not only include now and should be considered until the end of the structure’s life and, for example, predict what problems may threaten the environment in 20 years.

Considering all the above points, the beauty of the building and its luxurious design is very important for customers.

High-performance houses do not create any design restrictions for us and can be designed according to your wishes.

Beverly Homes, with more than 22 years of local and international experience in the construction field and with a grateful team of experienced engineers, will be with you throughout the design to the implementation process and apply your wishes in the design.

The design of high-performance houses may seem simple, but it requires a high level of experience in this field because attention to detail is the main condition that turns an ordinary home into a high-performance house.

Also, in the design of these houses, your current and future needs should be considered, and both of them should be effective in the design to avoid future costs for renovation or changing the design of the house, and you can have a reliable and luxurious home.

Is a high-performance house a greenhouse?

Today, houses that care about the environment and sustainable development and follow their principles in design and construction are called greenhouses.

These principles can include the use of materials that do not harm the environment or the use of methods such as net zero houses or passive houses. Therefore, high-performance homes that include passive houses are one of the best greenhouses that are implemented around the world.

 Its wonderful effects and results are getting more attention daily, and people are getting more enthusiastic about these houses.


Costs of high-performance homes

Building or buying high-performance houses costs more than ordinary houses, but overall it is a profitable investment for you. How?

By buying or building a high-performance house, your bills will be reduced to a great extent, and you will not have to pay for building maintenance for several years.

After 4 to 6 years, your extra cost to build a high-performance home will be recouped, and then you can keep the amount you used to pay for the bill as a profit on this investment in your wallet, and your money will be returned to you quickly.

By having a high-performance home, you can live healthier, save and take care of the environment. This is a great offer!



Living in a high-performance house has many benefits.


Reducing energy consumption by more than 75%


Breathe clean and healthy air at home


Prevent mold growth in your home

Living in a comfortable temperature range

Reduce bills

Long Term Investment

Increase the value of your property

Protect your environment

Preventing the emission of greenhouse gases

Help preserve the earth’s resources for the use of future generations.


By participating in Passive House and Energy Efficient Houses courses and receiving a valid certificate from the Passive Homes Institute, Beverly Homes is now one of the official builders of Passive House and high-performance houses in Melbourne.

We are ready to provide services and help you in the construction, design, and implementation of passive houses and high-performance houses in Melbourne in compliance with all standards and laws.

You can trust our team with more than 22 years of local and international experience in the field of construction and entrust us with the construction of your house, and we are committed to building a house that exceeds dreams and expectations.



Thank you for staying with us until the end of the article, and we hope it was useful for you. If you have any questions, you can contact our experts, and they will gladly answer all your questions and doubts.