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When it comes to buying a new house, you should consider all your expectations and choose and buy the house you want based on them, but sometimes only some of the existing houses meet all your needs, and you have to limit some of your needs and wishes.
In these cases, Custom Home will be your solution. Our team believes that you deserve to have a house exactly according to your needs and dreams, and you can have your unique house with any type of design that you like.
Home is a safe place for all of us, and it should be a place where we are comfortable and can be away from the worries and problems of everyday life.


Buying a new house can be very expensive and cause many problems. You may even have financial issues with the right neighborhood and have to move to another place.
This work can increase your distance to school or work and start the day more difficult than before. But renovation and Extension can be a suitable way to escape from all problems.
If you like your house and neighborhood or don’t want to buy an expensive home, you can achieve your wishes by renovating and extending your current house.
Also, if you intend to change your current house and neighborhood, you can buy a cheaper house and renovate and extend it to have your dream house.

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The first day when humans felt the need to have a house and thought of building it, his goal was to protect himself from wild animals and natural disasters.
Over time, the quality of the construction of houses improved, and the house became a safe place where people could relax.
As life becomes more modern and the use of modern technologies, houses should also become more modern and respond to the needs of people.
This path has continued until today, and people and houses moved toward modernization in the same direction.
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