Renovation and Extention

Buying a new house can be very expensive and cause many problems. You may even have financial issues with the right neighborhood and have to move to another place.
This work can increase your distance to school or work and start the day more difficult than before. But renovation and Extension can be a suitable way to escape from all problems.
If you like your house and neighborhood or don’t want to buy an expensive home, you can achieve your wishes by renovating and extending your current house.
Also, if you intend to change your current house and neighborhood, you can buy a cheaper house and renovate and extend it to have your dream house.
Renovation and Extension can include small parts of the building or the entire building.
For example, you can only renovate the bathroom or build a new library for yourself. Depending on your needs, renovation and Extension have different costs, and the time varies.
In the following, a complete review of the renovation and Extension will be discussed, and all the questions you have in your mind will be answered.


A home Extension is a very suitable way to increase your home’s space and meet your needs. This will increase the value of your home and make your home a better place to live.
In order to know how the Extension of a house is done, we separate the steps of doing the work step by step:


First step: planning

At this stage, you should gain enough knowledge about how to do the work. Then you must prepare all documents and sign a contract with the construction company that can make your dreams come true.

The importance of the construction team is very high because you will definitely have a limited budget, and you must choose a team that, in addition to being committed, doing things as soon as possible, and having enough experience, can do the project within your budget and not go beyond it.

This choice is your first important step on the road to Extension. You must take it firmly.

Second step: Application for planning permission

To start working, you need to get the necessary permissions. If you don’t know the rules, you don’t need to worry. Our experts will help you in this field to quickly obtain the necessary permits.

For this, you should be in direct contact with your architect and provide him with all the plans so that he can guide you properly.

For example, if you want to build an additional floor or extend your house to the neighbor’s land, you must be fully aware of the rules and take the necessary actions.

Your construction team should help you and explain the rules at this stage well. In this field, you can trust our experienced professionals, and we will make obtaining the necessary permissions easier for you.

After knowing the rules, you should interact with your neighbors, and if you want to change anything, you must inform them and follow the rules.

Issues such as windows and terraces facing neighbors’ houses can cause trouble for you, and if you are not aware, you will face problems. You may have to temporarily close the road during Extension, which must be done with the knowledge and permission of your neighbors. Be sure to create a correct interaction with your neighbors.

Third step: Hiring an experienced and committed architect

At this stage, you have obtained the necessary permissions, and you should start the design. Your architect should be an architect from a local company so that he can help you accurately and according to the area’s characteristics.

This architect should include all your wishes in his designs and draw plans based on what you need. Then he should prepare the schedule for you so that you can make the necessary decisions based on that.

If you have special or custom items in mind, you should tell your designer to include them in the budget.

On the way to doing the work, make sure to have insurance and a builder’s guarantee so that you are safe from any possible life and financial accidents and do not cause any trouble.

With experienced and committed engineers in the field of renovation and Extension, our team can provide you with everything you need to extend your home to your satisfaction.

We consider it our duty to use all our power to bring you to your wishes and carry out the project carefully and within the budget.

Fourth step: Find the Best Contractor.

When making a renovation or extension project, the most critical point is to pay attention to the budget and project timing.

You may have to be away from your home for a few weeks and rent another house, so you should do this carefully and know how long you will be a tenant elsewhere.

Also, if your construction team does not have enough experience, it will be challenging to build a house within your budget, and in this case, you will have to limit some of your wishes, or your home will remain unfinished. Also, you may encounter unforeseen problems in the renovation and extension that will impose high costs on you.

You should consider an amount in your budget as a safety factor so that your project is not damaged if such problems occur.

When choosing the construction company, consider and ask them various questions.

The following questions can help you in this direction.

You have to decide what kind of company to cooperate with. Local companies or large companies with several projects in progress and their experience is definitely more.

What is your choice?

Questions you may ask yourself:

1 How will the additional costs of renovation or expansion of the house be compensated?

After renovation or extension, the price of your property will increase, which depends on the house price in that neighborhood and the quality of your work.

Also, use high-quality materials in the renovation or extension. You will significantly reduce the bills and costs of maintenance and repair of the building, and your costs will be compensated in this way.

2 What regulations should be applied in the design?

You must make the extended area fireproof. The house must have high energy efficiency and modern ventilation systems like (HVAC). Also, to reduce energy consumption, quality insulation must be used.

3 How big can the house extension be?

In extension, the house, the most important thing is your satisfaction and peace, and making the house bigger is not always the best option, and your peace should be the main priority.

So don’t always think about making the house bigger. Definitely, a yard with a pool and a beautiful tree will help you relax more than a roofed space. Add what you need to the house! This is the secret to having a dream home.

  4 Is the expansion of my house on the sewer line?

This is an important principle to pay attention to, and it can be troublesome and expensive if not carefully considered.

So, before starting the work, be sure to check the plans and consult with your engineers if the extension of your house is on the sewer line.


5 Is the foundation of the building good enough to extend the house?

Your foundation may be old and designed to handle this amount of load.

So if we add a new floor and apply a new load to it, it may be vulnerable.

Engineers must first check the bearing capacity of the foundation and strengthen it if needed. Failure to pay attention to this can cause the building to collapse, and in addition to financial losses, it can also endanger your life.


6 Can I live in the house while doing the house extension?

This is very difficult because there is a lot of noise and dust on the site that can harm and annoy you.

Also, your presence on the site may slow down the progress of the work and prevent it from being done on the specified schedule.

So it is better that you are not present on the site.

You can temporarily rent a house, go to the home of friends and relatives or live in a hotel.

Beverly Homes is ready to answer your questions and guide you throughout the week.

If you have any questions or doubts about the extension, you can contact our experts and ask your questions.

Home extension ideas

To find the idea for ​​the renovation of your home, you can check different furniture styles and get inspiration from them.

You can also visit our website’s blog section to see different home development ideas and read our articles.

How much does a home extension cost in Melbourne?

The cost of home development depends on your needs, but a home extension in Melbourne typically costs between $1,900 and $3,500 per square meter.

The construction team of your home extension will significantly impact the possible costs, and by choosing the right construction team, you will avoid paying additional costs.

How to have a cheap home extension

 Use a simple configuration.

 Don’t be fooled by trendy brand products.

 Use simple and cheap building materials.

 Pay attention to planning permissions.

 Keep the preparations simple, etc.

The extension time of the house completely depends on your wishes. If you want to add a new floor, it may take 3 to 5 months, but if you’re going to have a new bathroom or a new library, it will take between 4 and 10 weeks.

What factors will affect the cost of home development?

The size of your house

Planning permissions

Your consultant and builder team

Fittings and accessories

The type of materials and materials you want

, etc.

Home extension contractors

As mentioned, your contractors must be experienced and committed, and able to help you achieve your goals. So, be careful when choosing a home development contractor and the best team.


Beverly Homes, is now one of the official contractors in Melbourne, ready to provide construction services and help you in consulting to build, design, and execute for renovation and extension in Melbourne with all standards and rules.


Beverly Homes has extensive experience in renovation services including home renovations, strata works, apartment renovations, commercial and industrial building renovations, medical centres and government buildings renovations.
We visit the site of the project early in the process or as part of the client meeting. In a renovation project, it is important to clearly understand the connections to the room both indoors and outdoors. An unused adjacent space may offer the extra floor or there may be an opportunity to make the most of an impressive view from a window. Perhaps there is a wardrobe in the adjoining room which can be used to inset the vanity.

Our renovation services include but are not limited to: Design & Planning
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